I fell in love with photography at a very young age and then pursued a degree from New York Institute of Photography during my college years.  In 2001 I launched a career as a professional photographer and I’ve been packing my camera around the wild Canadian country that I grew up in ever since.

Photography is about light and life. It’s my passion to capture the experience, emotion and beauty present each time the shutter closes. I love creation and long to display the world and it’s people in way that expresses truth, and beauty.  It is my hope that viewing my work would bring a sense of peace and joy and warm the heart.



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Cheryl
    I used to have a large format photo studio in Gray Creek,

    I have three complete 750 w/s Calumet Travelite (made by Bowens) in their Calumet carry case. Three stands in their carry bag, 3 umbrellas, 1 large light box and flash head adapter ring.
    Misc reflectors.

    I had a small artist studio, the lights had little use compared to a commercial studio.

    May any of this equipment be of interest to you?
    Kind Regards
    Gabriel Dinim

    PS I also have a complete “turnkey” 4×5 Linhof colour Kardan monorail outfit in a custom carry case.

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