2014 Favorites

I’ve gathered up some of my favorites from my 2014 work if you’d like to take a gander… There’s everything from weddings to babies to families to children to pets.

I call these first photos “the butterfly whisperer photos”…_MG_9401 FAV

_MG_9022 FAV

Can’t go wrong with a pony and a daisy field…



Isn’t he a cutie!






I got to capture the before and after with these pregnancy photos.  We went to the same location both times and she even wore the same dress…






_MG_7491_1PUPPY LOVE!!!_MG_5355_MG_5204 Fav_MG_4679bw_MG_4890bw_MG_6289bw_MG_6303_MG_6335_MG_6349_MG_6494_MG_6384bw_MG_8021_MG_8077_MG_7811_MG_8091_MG_7940_MG_7866_MG_0937bw_MG_1127These horse photos were taken for the new Eagala program in Creston…

_MG_9180_MG_8858_MG_9066_MG_8480_MG_7989 FAV_MG_7757 FAV w-sun_MG_8554 FAV_MG_8497 FAV_MG_8985_MG_8713_MG_8719bw_MG_8798vintage_MG_8757vintage_MG_8825_MG_9078_MG_9168_MG_9064


Thanks for checking out the scroll, I appreciate every bit of encouragement that comes my way!