Win a FREE wild flower photo session

For all those on facebook these days, I am offering a chance to win a free wild flower photo session.  See the poster below for details then hop on over to facebook to join in on the contest.  Click on my fb link on the right of the blog for a shortcut.  Best of luck to you!

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Favorite Family Photos of 2012

Below are some of my favorite children and family photos from 2012.  Please feel free to leave a comment telling which ones are your favorite.  _MG_9744_MG_9618_MG_9547b_MG_9657_MG_9700_MG_9588_MG_9643_MG_9769_MG_9556_MG_9478 copy_MG_9456 copy_MG_9369 copy_MG_9392 copy_MG_9507 copy_MG_9570 copy_MG_0984_MG_0916_MG_0867a_MG_1015_MG_0978_MG_0530_MG_0592_MG_9542_MG_9522_MG_0486_MG_0441_MG_0215bw_MG_0374_MG_0155a_MG_2667_MG_2722_MG_2720_MG_9194_MG_2866_MG_2772