2015 Favorites

Blogging is not my strong point, but I do manage to gather up some of my favorite portraits at least once a year for those of you who want to take peek.  I always love to hear your comments and favorites so don’t be shy.

I’ll start with one of my passions, horses.  Love it when I get hired for equine photography work!















































Thank you for taking the time to view my work.  I hope it brought a smile to your face!


2014 Favorites

I’ve gathered up some of my favorites from my 2014 work if you’d like to take a gander… There’s everything from weddings to babies to families to children to pets.

I call these first photos “the butterfly whisperer photos”…_MG_9401 FAV

_MG_9022 FAV

Can’t go wrong with a pony and a daisy field…



Isn’t he a cutie!






I got to capture the before and after with these pregnancy photos.  We went to the same location both times and she even wore the same dress…






_MG_7491_1PUPPY LOVE!!!_MG_5355_MG_5204 Fav_MG_4679bw_MG_4890bw_MG_6289bw_MG_6303_MG_6335_MG_6349_MG_6494_MG_6384bw_MG_8021_MG_8077_MG_7811_MG_8091_MG_7940_MG_7866_MG_0937bw_MG_1127These horse photos were taken for the new Eagala program in Creston…

_MG_9180_MG_8858_MG_9066_MG_8480_MG_7989 FAV_MG_7757 FAV w-sun_MG_8554 FAV_MG_8497 FAV_MG_8985_MG_8713_MG_8719bw_MG_8798vintage_MG_8757vintage_MG_8825_MG_9078_MG_9168_MG_9064


Thanks for checking out the scroll, I appreciate every bit of encouragement that comes my way!

My Little Angel

One of my top favorite subjects to photograph are my children.  Lucky for me, my daughter loves getting her picture taken.  I took these studio photos of her last fall, but I havn’t shared them till now._MG_9117_1_MG_9054a_MG_9032a

We also decided to go outside and try some shots jumping on the trampoline.  Here is my favorite photo from that attempt.  Part way through our photo shoot our dog snatched up the wings while we put them down for a moment and he tore them to pieces, so that was the end of that.  My daughter was quite upset about that & so I quickly ordered a replacement pair for her.  I guess she’s grown quite attached to them, lol.


If you havn’t seen the angel photos I took of her the year before on the swing, here are a few of my favorites from that photo shoot…_MG_2613 Fav_MG_2648Fav_MG_2670Fav_MG_2607 Fav_MG_2654 FAV_MG_2563 Fav_MG_2574Fav_MG_2589Fav