2015 Favorites

Blogging is not my strong point, but I do manage to gather up some of my favorite portraits at least once a year for those of you who want to take peek.  I always love to hear your comments and favorites so don’t be shy.

I’ll start with one of my passions, horses.  Love it when I get hired for equine photography work!















































Thank you for taking the time to view my work.  I hope it brought a smile to your face!


Favorite Wedding Photos of 2012

Below are a few of my favorite wedding photos from 2012.  I was away for a large portion of the summer and only took on a few weddings.  They were all gorgeous weddings and beautiful people though and I had a lot of fun with them!

_MG_8763vintage _MG_8856vintage_MG_9196vintage_MG_9213vintage_MG_9234vintage_MG_8775_MG_9325

Brandon & Christina decided to take advantage of the complimentary engagement photo session offered with my wedding packages.  Here are a few from that session…_MG_8184_MG_8235_MG_8228_MG_8277_MG_8287

And here are a few from the second wedding I photographed in 2012…_MG_9573_MG_9598_MG_9618_MG_9647_MG_9720_MG_9681_MG_0540_MG_9833vintage_MG_9844a

WOW!!!  And now for a sample of the third beautiful wedding.  This wedding took place in Creston at the Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery.  If you are looking for the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding in Creston, BC look no further!_MG_0708_MG_0784vintage_MG_0866